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Play To Your Strengths

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Play To Your Strengths

If you asked anyone off the street what they think works best on social media, I assume most would guess videos. They add personality, there’s more life to it than a simple graphic or status update. Each platform is different from the other but videos are the way to go. You can see from the accounts with the biggest followings as they continue to take this approach.

To give you context, social media pictures (and ads) that have a human face with eyes looking directly at you have been said to perform better by over 20%. So what happens if someone isn’t comfortable taking videos? Being in front of a camera is a craft that takes some years and years to hone, isn’t it?

There’s a big time disconnect about how people execute their social media content plans. If you look at my feeds, I am trying to document everything I do. I’m not positioning myself as the master of the universe in my profession but someone who’s learning and looking to build something special. I’m also incorporating my life and giving people a peek behind the scenes.

Think about how you act as a user and consumer. When have you ever stopped to see a hard sell, a special offer or an update on how many appointment slots someone has open? Others will be much more interested to see your personality and connect with someone.

It’s not being “unprofessional.” It’s being personable. It’s being human. Your website and your office is the place to shake hands and sell professionally. Your job on social platforms is to get attention in a crowded feed and you can’t do that by being dry.