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Best Types of Content for Facebook: You’d Be Surprised

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Best Types of Content for Facebook: You’d Be Surprised

People just aren’t the biggest fans of reading anymore. They’d much rather have accessible and informational videos at their fingertips. You may have noticed this on Facebook and across social media platforms. Even some of Instagram’s biggest accounts have refocused just sharing viral videos.

Just 4-5 years ago, photo’s used to produce the most engagement within an audience, and, within the fan base. We’ve noticed this progression and the evolution of this at BoomDino. Attention span on social media is treated much differently than, say, television commercials. In television, you can tell a small story during a commercial. On Facebook? They’ll scroll right by if you’re not interesting immediately.
Have you ever started watching a random video then wondered why that page shared it? Maybe it’s a Matthew McConaughey GIVING A SPEECH to a college football team. Why would a financial company post that and how is it relevant to them? Because their team needs to be motivated, maybe? Close enough. They’re building an audience first and selling later. Don’t do it vise versa or you’ll be buried by Facebook’s new algorithm.