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Going Live on Social Platforms.

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Going Live on Social Platforms.

There needs to be a little strategy going behind your Facebook Live broadcast. You may have seen Facebook Live ads all over the place as of late. They’ve been dominating billboards here in Boston. “It’s as easy as 1,2,3.” Of course, it’s much more difficult for a business than it is with an individual showing you how to properly toast a PB&J.

  1. Preparation
    Straight forward stuff. Practice your content and view the video before. Your video needs to be crisp. If your video is going to be full of silent bubbles or just stale information, it’s an easy escape button away from bailing on the broadcast and moving on.
  2. The Before and After
    There will be limited people online when you going live. Make an announcement well before the video goes live to catch a bigger audience. Come up with a theme for the video that creates a little FOMO. Q&A’s and “Breaking News” are a couple examples of themes that work.
    The after? Repurpose your meta tag. That’s the information that describes your video. Change the title to “What a great time hanging with you guys, thanks for checking in!” The video will get views after the fact regardless, it’s important to maximize the view count.
  3. Analyze Your Numbers
    It’ll be tough to make adjustments to your content after one video, but seeing who is spending time and how long on your live feed is really important. It’s the visual of the crowd out there. If you were performing on the stage and saw patrons walking out of the comedy club, you would most likely switch your jokes up. It’s important to give the people what they want, and you’ll learn a lot about your following as well.