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Social Media Planning That Works

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Social Media Planning That Works

Social media really doesn’t have to be too complicated. The great part about putting out great content, or repurposing it from other sources, is that it can be shared across the board for your business (Facebook, blog, LinkedIn, etc). When you have great content, it really drives SEO as well.

The main idea from the video is that everyone knows they have to build an audience. So many business owners that we’ve spoken to in the Boston area are reluctant to post anything outside of their tunnel vision, or something that will make them look “unprofessional.”

Your website is where you are professional and keep it all about the business. Social media is the place to be more human and to post content that is less relevant. You should be doing anything you can to get followers. It’s actually counterintuitive if you corner yourself and only talk about specific things about your profession. Don’t be afraid to talk about current events, post cool stuff that can tie your product or service, or post about things you love! After all, what does a few hundred followers do for you anyway?