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The Best Marketing Agency For My Business

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The Best Marketing Agency For My Business

Digital marketing is a crap shoot when you’re trying to figure out what’s best for your business. You can hear opinions from all different kinds of business owners. What I’ve found when speaking to thousands of sole proprietors is they all may have tried the same tactics but with different approaches. Some of the common complaints that I’ve heard:


  1. Facebook ads don’t work, bro. I’m not wasting my time on that again. This is the craziest one by far. Facebook ads are the best bang for your buck right now in marketing. It’s the gold rush. If done right, you can make a killing. Gain leads while also branding with your target demo in the area? Priceless. A no brainer for most companies (depending on your vertical). Get the right people on it.
  2. SEO is garbage. I paid some guy to do it, what a stupid concept. Did you go with the cheapest option instead of going with people who know how to get results? One of the easiest ways that “agencies” or “experts” con people is to confuse them with SEO jargon, promise results and take a monthly check. Again, get the right people on it and you’ll start to jump in rankings.
  3. Pay someone for social media posts? Why? So teenagers can scroll past us? Everyone is on social media. And I mean everyone. It’s the weirdest thing to see business owners not put time or effort into a social media presence and then turn around and pay for TV ads.

These are just some common complaints that I hear. The common denominator is that these businesses just didn’t execute the plan well on their own or they hired a hack. Digital agencies are focused on bringing in more revenue and they will hike up prices when they need to.

The problem for small and medium sized business owners is they can’t always afford the big agencies. The talents videographers and digital marketers do charge more once they’re proven. The ROI is there and they can show you, so why wouldn’t they? The trick is to compare more agencies side by side to see what you’re getting.

Knowing the landscape and making an informed decision is really important. The best marketing agency for your business may not be a hyper focused style practice but someone who can stretch your $500 budget.